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Jim, as UEPG President, leading the Sustainable Development Awards ceremony in Munich, May 2010
Jim, as UEPG President, signed a Letter of Intent on Promoting Biodiversity with
Monica Jacobs of IUCN Europe at the Delegates Assembly in Cyprus in May 2012.


For every company, the licence to operate depends on good environmental stewardship. This requires best operating practice in air emissions, water discharge, waste reduction and recycling.

It also requires diligent risk management of any potential threats such as ground or groundwater contamination, and extreme care in storage and use of any hazardous substances.

Increasing energy costs dictate the need to operate at optimum energy efficiency. Significant energy savings can often be achieved at surprisingly little effort and cost.

Concerns over Climate Change are also a driving factor in reduction in emission of so-called Greenhouse Gases. This not only leads to significant cost reduction, but can also be a driver of process and product innovation.

Good environmental stewardship, coupled with positive programs on “open days”, biodiversity and other stakeholder and neighbour engagement has huge positive public relations impact for all concerned. Biodiversity is now being very actively promoted by the extractive industry, and many excellent case studies have demonstrated that quarries and pits are indeed biodiversity havens.

Jim O’Brien CSR Consulting offers uniquely qualified practical advice and experience in all these areas.


Jim O'Brien CSR Consulting


Advice Offered

  • Introducing clear reporting definitions and KPIs for consistent international benchmarking and reporting
  • Collating and analysing data, determining compliance, key risks, legislative trends, stakeholder expectations
  • Introducing environmental stewardship best practice programs and targets
  • Driving forward on energy efficiency and “carbon footprint” reduction in manufacturing processes and product application
  • Turning the challenges of energy efficiency and climate change into opportunity through process, product and application innovation
  • Promoting “open days”, biodiversity and stakeholder dialogue
Jim with colleagues at an audit in the US
Jim with colleagues at an audit in the US